Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Highest Attendance

While it isn't surprising that the NFL is the highest attended league in the world, the league with the 2nd highest attendance did surprise me.  The German Bundesliga is the 2nd highest attended league in the world with an average of 44,000 tickets sold (compared to 67,000 for the NFL).  While it is no suprise that soccer leagues across the world have high attendance, the fact that the Bunderliga of all leagues tops them all is surprising.  If I had to place a bet, my money would have been on the English Premier League being at the top.  It is also slightly surprising how dominant the NFL is, averaging 23,000 more tickets sold then the next league.  In a way though, the comparison isn't quite square, because the NFL only plays 16 games and each stadium only hosts 8 games a year.

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