Saturday, 24 November 2012

Managing Chelsea

Earlier this week, Chelsea fired their manager Roberto Di Matteo, 8 months after getting hired as interim manager.  In this 8 months, Di Matteo lead Chelsea to a surprise European Championship, and also the FA cup in England.  This year, with the help of Di Matteo, Chelsea started out strong on top of the English Premier League table, before a recent spell of poor play saw them drop down to 3rd.  Chelsea is having difficulties in this years Champions League; they are 3rd in their group and are at risk of not advancing.  But what more can be expected out of a new manager? Chelsea must be a toxic wasteland to manage, knowing that any loss could result in your immediately release.  Of course, managers being fired is nothing new for Chelsea.  Since Roman Abramovich took over the team, there have been 10 different managers at the helm. At some point Abramovich has to give one of his managers some times to build something great.

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