Thursday, 8 November 2012

Thiago Messi's New Contract

Last Friday, Lionel Messi and his girlfriend Antonella Rocuzzo had their child Thiago Messi.  It took only 6 days after the child's birth before he signed his first contract.  Rosario-based club Newell Old Boys signed the newborn child, the same club where Messi spent his childhood (aged 8 to 13).  This is just an odd story.  From the club's perspective, I suppose it's a low risk, high reward signing.  If he's good like his father, they either get a good player or will be able to sell him to a big european club for big money.  If he doesn't turn out to be much a player, how much could it have honestly cost to sign a 6 day old, even despite his last name. But why would Messi and his girlfriend put that kind of pressure on their newborn? We're not sure at what point Thiago will be forced to play, but a child shouldn't have that much pressure thrust upon him at such a young age.

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